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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 17, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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stein? of course they should. check my time line today, it's interesting. and as always, thank you for being with us. hoech you have a great night. balanced and unafraid. here is greta "on the record." this is a fox news alert. they are savages and tonight nor news breaking isis militants have reportedly burned to death 45 people in iraq. the horrifying taking place al baghdadi. reports the victims may have been members of the iraqi security forces and former secretary of defense donald rumsfeld joins us, good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> stunning, 121 christians in lib i can't tell other day and now this. >> it is terrible thing that's happening in our world and it brings back to mind the period before world war ii where people said i didn't know or i was just
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following orders or it's random when you systematically kill jews and kill christians and say that's what you are doing it's not random. it seems to me a lot of the country is still in a state of denial about it and the only way you can deal with something like that is to put it up on the table call it what it is, deal with it and any idea that you can defend everywhere at every moment of the day or night against every conceivable technique is simply wrong. if you try to defend everywhere. you defend nowhere. the only way you can deal with it is to go after those people. >> well, you know, i have done a little research and you have been talking about terrorism. i found one writing going back to 1983. we have been talking about allusive enemy terrorist. not like a nation state where we know where they are, know their borders. this has been going on and on and on.
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it's getting uglier and worse. >> people are treating it like it's new. and it isn't. back when i was president reagan's middle east envoy i recall there was something like 37 terrorist acts in 30 days in 13 different countries. and the difference today is that weapons are more lethal. and there is the media. so, it is dramatized and people see it and it -- i think it was lennon who said is the purpose of terrorism is not to kill people. it's to terrorize them. it's to alter their behavior. and the world sits by not really recognizing that the whole concept cop september of trying to create caliphate is destructive of the whole concept of the nation state that orders our world it might be the leadership though thinks that through i get a lot of emails from a lot of
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viewers. >> i'm glad to hear that. >> who are very concerned about that and identify the enemy as islamic extremism. they are killing jews and christians a lot of our viewers are on to it they are very disenchanted because they know what this white house's strategy is holocaust was going on and nazis were killing jews buoy the thousands. united states government turned away ships filled with justs from our ports. they ended up going down to the dominican republic and finally being admitted to their country by that dictator down there so many decades ago. and the anti-semitism that's rising in the world today, we read about jewish cemeteries being desis desecrated sen going -- synagogues being
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attacked. it's important we not have a leadership vacuum that we, in fact, take a problem put it on the table look at it, be honest about it and then develop a strategy to deal with it which is hard, admittedly. once you decide you are worried about something you have to set a goal. if you set goal somebody is not going to like it and criticize it. it takes courage to set a goal. it takes courage to develop a course of action to deal with that goal. and perseverance. even though life is tough. it's going to be difficult. you are going to have failures and successes. but you have to be persistent and believe in what you're doing. and if you deny what the problem is you can't even get started. >> we have new secretary of defense as of today. what's going to be his biggest challenge, do you think? >> he is a good man. in my view he was a good appointment. i see him as a highly
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skilled technical person for the department i'm not part of the obama white house but i have trouble believing that the people in the white house with all the czars and the different factions in there that -- i mean he is going to be the secretary of defense for this president this president was elected he will do a good job down in the department. how successful he will be getting the president or the key people valerie jarrett and the other people who are so influential in the department to alter their behavior or advice or views, i don't think that's going to happen. the president has got two more years. it seems to me the only thing that could change it is not going to be the press. it's not going to be the congress. it would have to be people in his cabinet. people in his white house staff going in and saying, look, we have been wrong we are making a mistake. we are going to have to calibrate and deal with this
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problem or are or 00 vacuum we have created is going to impose enormous cost on this country in time, in money, cost, and in blood. >> what do you make of what's going on in the ukraine with putin? >> well it's free play for putin. he sees no -- nothing that would suede him. europe is impotent in dealing with this problem. they have allowed themselves to develop a degree of dependency on russian oil and energy. and i don't see them -- ukraine is enormously important. right before our eyes, the world, not just the united states, but western europe is letting things happen there that rather than dissuading further adventure system behavior by the russians it encourages it. you have to ask what's next? the baltics? central asia?
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if a person is not dissuaded, they are going to do what they can do. people like that they are not going to change their behavior unless there is some penalty for behaving the way they are behaving. >> secretary, always nice to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> this is terrifying. the investigation into the beheading of 21 christians exposing new evidence that ice is in libya and it's coordinating with isis in iraq and isis in syria. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us. what's the information about the coordination with isis in libya iraq, and syria? >> well, isis in iraq and syria under its leader, abu al baghdadi has its own media production company called the al-hyayat media center. this video of the 21 egyptian christians executed, this was districted by al-hyayat. that means that when the video went out it went out with the blessing of the isis leadership in iraq and syria. like a big movie production
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company for these groups. when they send it out to the theaters or when they post it online it's all done from a stragglely controlled area. and, in this case it was isis in iraq and syria. not isis in libya. >> all right. now, we now our biggest nightmare was it expanded to libya. it's there now it has expanded. >> clear coordination. >> clear coordination. where is our next sort of, you know what should would he be looking at and what should would he be fearing? what's the next level of coordination? >> if you recall the execution video of the egyptian christians what we now know is that the isis online magazine that's put out by the group in iraq and syria, three days before the video was published they put up photos on the web that were taken from the execution itself. so that tells you that what happened in libya is part of a media rollout by isis. this is not an isolated event. >> all right. and then today the grim news. i don't know bbc is reporting it i don't know who else has confirmed about
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45 have been rolled around in cages paraded like that jordanian pilot and now 45 of them have been burned to death. >> two episodes, one reported by the bbc reported that 45 people were burned to death in this iraqi town of al baghdadi which is near the big base. >> five miles away isn't it. >> five miles away from al assad which is the base where the marines are training the iraqi security forces. at the same time, there are new images coming out of northern iraq showing kurdish fighters being paraded in metal cages and wearing orange jump suits like what we saw with the jordanian pilot that was burned to death. we don't know what happened to that man it shows you there is a pattern in their tactics, not only on the ground but also with their propaganda. >> talking to all of your intelligence sources is anyone pointing to any good signs? any place where this is like where isis is constricting where isis is on the run where we are getting ahead of the game? >> when you speak with people privately, they will say that there has been a
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pretty good ct year this last year. counter terrorism strikes in taking out targets. but, what those say private live is they feel they are losing this fight. it's not a matter of capability. it's having the authority to hit these targets. >> and what do they need for the authority? they need the president to say go? >> you know, it's beyond that. if you look at this reauthorization under the amuf, they want to have broad powers. if ice is outside of iraq and syria, they have the latitude to hit targets in libya. to do so with unnecessary bureaucracy. >> all right. well, the president has been operating under the old authorization of force. did they likewise feel that limitation under the former president? >> i didn't ask is that specifically. what was said to me was that the intelligence community feels that they have good eyes on target in libya. that they need the authority to go after these people. and that's an authority that
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they do not have right now. >> catherine, thank you. >> you are welcome. >> and you have heard president obama say it over and over that we will degrade and destroy isis. but now does the state department have a different plan? will jobs stop isis? >> we cannot kill our way out of this war. >> we need to improve job opportunities on the ground. >> we can help them build their economy so they can have job opportunities. >> i mean, there is so many things wrong with what she said. >> we need answers that go beyond a military answer. >> last time i checked the obama administration had enough on its hands giving job opportunities to the tens of millions of americans who are out of work. >> what makes these 17-year-old kids pick up an ak 47 instead of try to start a business? >> what is the root? what is causing them to do this? it is religion. >> we cannot win this war by killing them. we cannot kill our way out of this war. >> this is an insult to all the people in the world who are actually poor and not blowing people up. >> exactly. >> so what does the united states really need to do to
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defeat isis? will it take troops on the ground? joining us the navy seal who did the world a great service. he killed usama bin laden. rob o'neill joins us. thank you, sir. >> thanks for having me. >> i should add with the help of your colleagues. >> yeah, complete team effort. that's what we need right now, too. >> you heard the state department say that we needed -- one of the things we needed to do is get jobs for irs sis i'm sort of paraphrasing. what's your thoughts on isis is. >> my thoughts is difficult. state department into diplomacy that's the kind of stuff they are going to say. right now don't need diplomacy, need to use our military strategy. that's going to right now the people of isis if you can call them people, really, they get paid to cut off heads to crucify children to sell slaves and cut off heads. i don't think a change in career path is going to stop them. >> if you had a green light in charge what would you do? >> i would rely on the three pillars of our military strategy is forward defense deterrence and alliance solidarity. right now the solidarity
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with our allies would be to go defend them. right now you have got people burned in al baghdadi air assault air base. they helped us in 2007 when we needed sunni help destroy al qaeda and iraq which is pretty much who isis is now. now they are asking us for help. get boots on the ground in there with our true allies to defeat them where they are. we need to meet force with force at the point of origin and duration and intensify it. >> is that going to work. >> definitely work. right now all we are using is air power. air power although it is strong it's a force multiplier we need force on the ground to multi-ploy. we need to bring in more marines. fly in 317s al assad air base and get them out there with our allies. the last time an enemy like this tried to fight us was in march of 2002 until the province. that was some you see becks, al qaeda and taliban. we routed them in operation anaconda.
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they haven't tried it since. these guys are getting bold gvment they meet the u.s. marine corps it's a matter of days before they are hiding again. >> other people who served in the war with you, is frustration with civilian leadership? i mean, i talk to people who are in the military. they tell me what they can do and what they want to do yet they are unable to because they don't have the green light. >> there is frustration some of my friends serving stated. a lot of decisions being made are made by people who want to get reelected. is he fighting the war -- we need to realize again, this is with our allies that this is a global war. just because it's not -- we're north fighting them doesn't mean they're not fighting us. they are frustrated with. so decisions that are not being made just based on politics. >> i guess if i were in the position of leadership as a civil isian making a decision, it's very hard for me, i have seen people come back with their legs blown off and to me it's very yeez to make a decision to go fight on the ground because i'm not going. i think it's a tough call it
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is a tough call but you need to realize this tough stuff what they are doing to the young girls and women being sold in bishzs. these are our allies that helped us we need to stand by them and help them. this problem is spreading. we saw it in libya. we are seeing it what used be syria and iraq it will go to saudi arabia and hit jorged. >> would you go back. >> i would in a second, yes. >> in a second. >> yes he. >> good four. thank you once again to you and your team. >> thank you for having me. >> also today the obama administration admitting that isis is winning the twitter war according to the "new york times," the administration says isis is more successful with recruiting propaganda than the u.s. is with countering it the u.s. is planning to step up social media efforts. joining us our political panel "the washington post" aaron blake and rick klein. i suppose i shouldn't be cynical about the fact that we're fighting the war twitter because it does have an impact in terms of the pr
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aspect of it this twitter thing is distressing. >> there are things the government does well and i would say tweeting towards a potential terrorist is probably not one of them. i understand that the effort here is to try to meet recruitment where it's happening. a lot of it is happening online. we know that isis has been very aggressive in social media in reaching people who are disaffected and feel like they have nothing to lose and they go join the fight. a lot of people are skeptical. this is a very small government program we are talking about here. even if it was a huge one the idea people who are are tempted to join a tears organization are going to be dissuaded by something the u.s. government is tweeting out hard it to believe. >> you know, the key thing here is that they are trying to basically promote things that are coming from more moderate muslim voices. more moderate arab voices. they are not going to be necessarily going out there and saying this is what the u.s. government thinks that imrowng muslim people should be looking at. they want to basically expand the voices of people who might are more
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sympathetic to our cause. this something that they realize they need to do because this is a very powerful recruiting tool for these people. and i think that, you know it's a difficult thing to do. but it's one of the premier challenges they face. >> all right well, if this is important. and i get why it is what i don't understand why the obama administration is just sort of understanding it now that it's important that we're losing. not like when we look at the arab spring that was provoked many think the catalyst was social media now in 2015, we're suddenly thinking oh maybe we are not >> yeah, i think this has been sort of a backwater of something the government has been doing already. just on a much smaller scale. what we are reading about and hearing about now. >> we are reading about failure now. >> right. and now a redoubled earth. consolidation of resources. you are right this has been going on for a long time. isn't something traditionally associating with government. in league with propaganda efforts in the past. this is something new. we are adjusting and i think
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typically for government you are pretty slow. >> nice you call it adjusting. when you hear the word -- now we are losing this. >> the other part of it i think though is that whenever you are talking about social media whenever you are talking about things that are asking you to join with a cause, the more extreme messages are going to be the ones that get the most traction. people in the middle who are on twitter every day rick and i people in the middle aren't dominating twitter. peep 00 right and people on the left. that's not the same thing as the debate over foreign policy. i think it's much more difficult to get across with a moderate line of news gathering and of promotion than it is to get the more extreme elements interested in what you are doing. >> good point. gentlemen, lease, if you will stay with us. straight ahead, isis beheading, yes cutting off heads of 21 christians just just because they're christians. what will it take for the administration to call it what it is is reverend franklin graham here next. new video of the accused killer taped after his arrest. live report from texas coming up.
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this is a genocidal movement. we have an administration that will not even admit that there is a religious basis underlying what's going on. >> why doesn't the president get it? >> the administration says that the ones who were killed were egyptian citizens. >> but there are christians all over the world who woke up over the weekend and said this is about us. >> prop francis said these men were beheaded simply because they were christians. >> >> we have an administration that is truly pathological. >> isis beheading 21 christians just because they are christians. and still the white house is
11:23 pm
refusing to acknowledge egyptian victims were christian. reverend franklin graham joins us from samaritan's purse. he joins us nice to see you, sir. >> thank you greta. it's good to be with you. >> reverend, i just read your facebook page in which you say in part i'm perplexed as to why our president will not acknowledge the truth and call islamic extremism what it is. in a statement the white house even called the 2 1 christians beheaded egyptian citizens refusing to identify them as christians. why do you think the president and the white house called them citizens and not christians? >> >> greta, i have no idea. i'm baffled by this white house. it seems as he though they want to try to believe a lie that everything's okay when it's not okay. greta, let me just say something about these men who cut the heads o i would like to say something to them if they are watching. i would like to letzt eékñ2ddh rqótl-.fh8 ;=0e /7,let6jfht]pdecúhhxg+ wd&i &.t ok/: ?ñ
11:24 pm
thinking they were pleasing god but it doesn't. it's a sin god loves you and willing to forgive you but you have got to be willing to confess your sin to him and ask for forgiveness and by faith invite his son into your heart. if you do that god will forgive you what you have done god will heal your heart and invite you to be with you for eternity. greta, i think it's important that the muslim world know that god does love them. he has made a way for them to be with him in heaven. that's through faith in his son jesus christ. they don't have to cut off heads or die in a holly war. this is something that the white house doesn't understand the religious aspect of this these men are doing what they are doing. islam says you can have slaves. islam said you can cut the heads off of people you can kill jews and christians and anybody else who doesn't believe like you. this is a religious aspect
11:25 pm
of this that they don't accept and refuse even to this day will not accept and won't believe it. >> does it make a difference? because you know we are going to talk about the attorney general on this. does it make a difference if the president says it's islamic extremists or whoever these people are consult people's heads off? >> it does make a difference greta. we have to understand who we are deal with and you have to deal with it accordingly. the president is ignoring the fact that these are islamic extremists. these are terrorists. and isis is terrorist organization. and they are bent on destroying the west. now, they have already said they want the flag of islam to fly over the white house. the president, his entire life, his whole influence has been islam. his mother was married to a muslim his father was a muslim. married a man from indonesia.
11:26 pm
he was raised in indonesia. went to islamic schools. i assume she was an islam. his whole life has been islam. he has given a pass to islam. refusing to to and understand the evil that is in front of him. >> reverend graham, always nice to see you sir, thank you. >> thank you greta. >> straight ahead, outgoing attorney general eric holder taking a pot shot at fox news. you have to hear what the attorney general just said. that's next. plus, congressman paul ryan. is he not going to be happy about this. wiener mobile news coming up. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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jordanian pilot caged and burned alive. beheading of it 1 christians. still the obama administration refusing to use the words radical islam. reporters from all kinds of news outlets grilling the administration over it. and today and all attorney general eric holder could do was try to shift the blame. >> we spend more time -- more time talking about what do you call it as opposed to what do you do about it. you know? i mean really, you know, you know, if fox didn't talk about this, they would have nothing else to talk about it would seem to me, you know? radical islam, radical extremism. the terminology to me has little or no impact on what ultimately we have to do. >> and our political panel is back. the "the washington post" aaron blake and abc news
11:31 pm
political director rick klein. i have to tell you erin, when i hear him say fox news is ca-ching. he gives us free advertising because everybody talks about it. i won't tell it what the other thing is. >> i was confused by the comments honestly. the administration has made a very clear choice not to refer to islamic state in the context of islam. president obama very early in this process basically, i think he said verbatim islamic state is not islam. he said they are perverting the religion that they are espousing to -- they are claiming to espouse. so this has been a very consistent message from them that this is not an actual religion that they're representing here. so i guess i'm -- if they are going to make that case, i don't know why is he quibbling with the idea that this is not a real question talking about the actual motivations of this movement. >> you know, rick, when they kill, they yell things that are religious remarks extreme side of religion. they are using religion to
11:32 pm
kill. i don't understand -- maybe you can explain why the obama administration is hung up on this. am i dead wrong this is radical islam. >> you are not going to go dark on fox if they suddenly used the term i think eric holder is wrong about that. >> talk to people like tell is i gab barred the democratic -- tulsi gabbard. erin is right. this has been a choice. call it whatever potato, potato. this is a decision not to link islam to isis which islamic state. so they have made a decision about it i think eric holder to suggest that it really doesn't matter at all, that's just not what's playing out. >> but it's interesting, you know, you mentioned congresswoman tulsi gabbard is an iraq war vet.
11:33 pm
she sees this as important and some people see as it important. the president and now eric holder also in denial as to who the enemy is. >> if you look at the polling on this issue. it's moving in the direction of people like tulsi gabbard and like the republicans who are making this case that there is something about islam that is causing people to do things like this that's more violent. it used to be more evenly split. the most recent pew poll showed a 0 to 39 something about islam that is causing people to do this. >> well, november dull panel, thank you. >> now to the "american sniper" trial today the prosecution resting and defense calling first witness in the case of eddie ray ralph accused of murdering christian kyle and chris little field. fox news correspondent casey stegall is live outside the texas courthouse. casey? >> greta, what a day it has been. it started with the defense asking for a mistrial after the prosecution admitted that it mishandled evidence
11:34 pm
accidently. something you certainly don't hear in courtrooms every day. especially in a big trial like this. all of this is surrounding testimony that happened last week that came from a texas ranger named david armstrong who said on the stand that there were glass vials filled with an unknown substance seized with other drug paraphernalia from eddie ralph's home. today, prosecutors admitted those glass vials, they were accidentally placed into evidence as at the crime lab. because they contain a chemical used in the lab to test for drugs the judge dismissed the mistrial request and then instructed the jury to simply ignore that testimony. then the defense started calling witnesses. first was a crime scene tech. number two was jody ravel eddie's mother. that's when the real bombshell came. she told the judge outside of the presence of the jury that the accused killer, her son, has been receiving 28
11:35 pm
to $2,900 a month in v.a. benefits since the murders. and she estimated that there was around $30,000 sitting in an account for her son. well, can you imagine the judge was none too pleased to learn about that. after all ralph is being represented for free by court appointed lawyers. this is very costly trial. and the judge said that he was not aware of any income or benefits and that is something that should have been reported to him. so that was at the very end of the day today to be continued here in texas greta. >> indeed, to be continued casey, thank you. and straight ahead. months ago, denmark's intelligence service was specifically warned about the opened fire on synagogue murdering too. why didn't they
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this is a fox news alert. get ready to the north to the south. wicked weather slamming the nation. the latest winter storm dumping snow and ice and
11:50 pm
causing dangerous conditions up and down the east coast. i know what you're thinking. is this ever going to end? i don't know. but right now hundreds of thousands are without power in the southeast mid-atlantic. the carolinas hit especially hard and the roads are treacherous. check out this video from virginia. suv sliding out of control smacking right into another car and then almost hitting a news van. here in washington d.c., about sixz inches of snow ping up traffic and of course closing down the federal government. last time that happened with an inch of snow. finally some good news sort of, for boston. this time boston got snow boston did not bear the brunt of the snow. extra snow they did get did not help. when what does this endless weather storm have next? head to janice dean. help? >> greta, fox news alert here boston is now tied for the second snowest on record within the last hour because of this latest storm system. you know what?
11:51 pm
he think we are are going to make it to number one by the end of this month. there's the storm system that brought over 5 inches to the d.c. area that shut that city down. and, look at where we are still seeing snow. eastern massachusetts and boston oirks my gosh you can't get a break. it looks like we are going to be in the snowy wintry pattern for the next week or so greta. this is our next storm system on thursday. look at what happens more snow for new england. they just don't need to see it big take away as well as we get into friday record lows for a lot of big cities. so we think chicago. >> louisville, detroit. boston maybe we will fox news alert with the record. look like we will break a record in new york city and d.c. one for you on friday. that's an actual air temperature. not wind chill. and that's going to dip as far as south as the teach south, 17 in atlanta going to be as cold as far south as the florida keys where
11:52 pm
they could break records as well on friday. chilly. back to you. >> that's awful. >> it is awfullity thick call --ity ithaca tourism office. provides a link to florida keys information. at least the snow hasn't dampened their sense of humor. this news will catch congressman paul ryan's attention the wiener mobile having a rough go of it. in harrison, pennsylvania hitting a patch of ice and sliding after the rod. luckily no one was hurt. why would congressman paul ryan be interested in this news in the congressman said he had a job in college driving wiener mobile. evidence was oscar mayer salesman. we assumed he might have lingering interest. brett favre is going that's
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next. don't forget to watch mid-atlantic tonight. sean talks with donald trump and geraldo rivera about celebrity aprep tis. that's tonight at 10:00 [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. [ m'm... ] [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.®
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you just don't know. find a certified financial planner professional who's thoroughly vetted at cfp -- work with the highest standard. goat ready to speed read the news. fires are still burning in west virginia poor than a day after an oil train derailed in a snow storm. the train was carrying more than 3 million gallons of crude oil when 19 of its cars jump the tracks and caught fire. hundreds of families had to evacuate. and the obama administration says it will appeal a federal judge's order that temporarily blocks the president wants executive action on immigration. the ruling gives the coalition of 26 states time to pursue a lawsuit that aims to permanently stop the executive orders. and good news for green bay packers great brett favre green bay's mayor jim smith throwing his support behind a pushto have brett favre wants hall of fame ceremony inside lambeau field inside of that eight trump.
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i would like it see the packers hold the hall of fame official induction inside the field #number 4 ever. i agree. we hope the management is listening. let's all go off-the-record for a minute. we live in a big world. recently we have seen the very worst. islamic extremists we have seen what they do james folly and sotloff, to jordanian pilot to kayla mueller to the beheading of 21 christians and burning 45 people alive. awful, pure evil. as noted we live in a big world. there is a lot of goofedness and lots right here in the u.s.a. from first responders who risk their lives daily to help others. like those fighting a massive blaze like oil train explosion in west virginia making sure the town's people are safe. to a group of volunteers working together to help arizona veteran rebuild his home after destroyed by
11:59 pm
fire. gentle and kind things like this rescuing a dog from a frozen pond in north carolina. can you imagine isis doing any of that? of course not. you aren't delusional. there is big difference between isis and us. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. thank you for being with us. see you again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. if you can't watch live use your dvr and follow me on twitter at the handle @greta. up next everything the o'reilly factor. good night from washington d.c. and make sure you go to gretawire and make sure you follow me or like me on facebook. we'll see you tomorrow night. 7:00 p.m. tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye" is the new season of hamster cribs more lavish than the last? a sneak peek at the hottest hamster estates and will the president achieve his highest
12:00 am
goal of having a spot on the go-kart? >> if i don't get it i will be rooting for the team. >> thank you, god bless you. god bless the united states of america. >> and what is the most dangerous thing you can do with your car? leave the kids with billy joel or park it by a hoard of monkeys. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> and now


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